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Renegade Craft Fair

I will be taking part in the Renegade Craft Fair at the Truman Brewery in Brick Lane on 9th & 10th December. This is a really big fair so there should be lots of great stuff to buy! Trying to plan out exactly what my stand will like like in good time as it never really looks as good in reality as it does in my head! I need to get lots of height but make sure nothing falls over. Always a challenge! So that will be three Christmas Fairs on consecutive weekends, better get on and make some lovely things!


Upcoming Events!

So the summer is over and the next big event is obviously Christmas. I have applied to take part in several Christmas Fairs and have just been confirmed as a stall holder for the Easy Made Local Christmas Fair at Brighton Dome on Saturday 2nd December. Super excited as this was a great fair last year and totally packed! If you are in the area it is definitely worth a look, who knows you may manage to do all your Christmas shopping in one go!

I am also taking part in the Great Missenden Christmas Fair on 25th November thanks to my friend Kate, who lives in the village, and happens to have a fabulous shop window crying out for a lovely display! Not sure how well seagulls will go sell so far from the sea so maybe I will be showing more cushions at this one!

Still waiting for a response from another application, fingers crossed!

Upcoming Events!

The British Craft Trade Fair is now just a distant memory (well not really it was only a week ago) and now I am looking forward to taking part in Artists Open Houses, where I am showing in two locations.

I am excited to be exhibiting at 21A Brunswick Square with a fabulous group of artists, designers and photographers, and having been a visitor to this open house on several occasions I know there will be lots of lovely things for everyone to look at and (hopefully) buy!  Check out the website at

21A Brunswick Square

I am also showing at my studio in Kemptown with fellow studio members and guest artists. Again there will lots of lovely things on show!


I do hope you can pop in to one (or both) venues! Hope to see you!

In the Press!

I am featured in the April issue of “The Simple Things” magazine. The photos were taken on a cold and blustery day in November and the ice cream I am holding wasn’t even for me as I was fasting that day!

Simple Things 1 copySimple Things 2 copySimple Things 3 copySimple Things 4 copySimple Things 5 copySimple Things 6 copySimple Things 7 copySimple Things 8 copy

Time flies!

Wow! Where did those last few months go? When I started this blog I thought I would be posting at least once a week, but obviously have fallen at the first hurdle!

My last few months have been a whirl of seagulls “Oscar’s Friends” and “Oscar’s Friends Mobiles” which are proving rather popular, especially in Cornwall. Twenty four were despatched to Padstow to the Rick Stein gift shop (quite exciting really) and then another twelve to a lovely shop in Fowey “The Webb Street Company” also some mobiles to The Webb Street Company which are selling well and I am due to despatch a second order of those tomorrow and have already been asked for a third order! A bespoke order of “Oscar’s Little Friends” (basically the mobile sized seagulls but without the mobile!) to a shop in Whitstable and a large order to The Bowery Arts Centre in Leeds!

Off to Harrogate for the British Craft Trade Fair at the end of next week so am busy working on stuff for that as well and trying to do a new range of felt birds but at this rate this may or may not happen! Not sure I am not really looking forward to five nights in the Travel Lodge but at least it is central Harrogate so nice and handy for Betty’s where I am sure I will succumb to a Fat Rascal (or two)!

IMG_1795 IMG_1792 IMG_1770 IMG_1767

Upcoming Fairs

Sorry to have been a bit quiet over the last month but have been trying to finish all the orders from CRAFT in September before all the Christmas Craft Markets start!  First up is the Renegade Craft Fair in the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane on 5th & 6th November. Not done this fair before but I have heard great things about it so fingers crossed for bumper sales! I then have a stall at the Unitarian Church in New Road, Brighton on 19th November and the following week I am doing “Made in Clerkenwell” from 24th – 27th November. I am in the first floor sink room (yes, that is just a room with a sink in it) at 21 Clerkenwell Green. Last years show was quite successful so hoping for good sales this time. Finally new stock will be going up to Fringe in Alexander Park Road in North London after Renegade Craft Fair. Phew! I thinks that all for the moment!


Flying off to a new home!

So last week was a little bit frantic for me!

The beginning of the week I was working on an order for a lovely looking shop in Cornwall, Thursday I had a photo shoot at the house which lasted all day, quite good fun though apart from the part where I had to have my portrait taken and then Friday was a lovely day up in London at the London Design Festival, where we actually came back with a stunning oar (yes I do mean an oar!) from a Canadian company. Their stand stopped me in my tracks as it was sooooooo beautiful! Check out their website

I have now dropped off the parcel for Cornwall at the post office where 12 of “Oscar’s Friends” will be living for the next few weeks although hopefully they will all get sold over the Autumn half term (hence the rush).  Now time for a quick tidy up in the studio and then I have to start on the next order, I have got a bigger flock of seagulls to make but first some throws and cushions for a shop in North London.


In a spin!

I’m back from exhibiting at CRAFT at Olympia which seemed to go fairly well although it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. However there has been a flurry of excitement this morning which has left me in a bit of a spin! There are going to be several flocks of seagulls “Oscar’s Friends” flying off to pastures new over the next few weeks plus about 60 (!!) hot water bottle covers! Watch this space for further details, I have to admit it is quite exciting. Also orders for my new throws and matching cushions will be making their way to an interiors shop in North London. There may also be follow ups from other contacts made at the show so it looks like I am going to be rather busy!



“Oscar’s Friends”

“Oscar’s Friends” Candy, Lobster and Lagoon take a last gulp of fresh air before being zipped into the bag ready to travel to London on Saturday where they will be making their debut at CRAFT at Olympia.

Getting ready for a trade show is always stressful and I have been busy folding leaflets, making sample cards and the designing stand for the past week. Nothing ever runs as smoothly as you hope, but fingers crossed it all comes together in the end. I do have some lovely new shelves made by a local furniture designer which I am sure will last longer than the IKEA ones I have been using.

I will let you know how the show went when I get back next week!