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So last week was a little bit frantic for me!

The beginning of the week I was working on an order for a lovely looking shop in Cornwall, Thursday I had a photo shoot at the house which lasted all day, quite good fun though apart from the part where I had to have my portrait taken and then Friday was a lovely day up in London at the London Design Festival, where we actually came back with a stunning oar (yes I do mean an oar!) from a Canadian company. Their stand stopped me in my tracks as it was sooooooo beautiful! Check out their website

I have now dropped off the parcel for Cornwall at the post office where 12 of “Oscar’s Friends” will be living for the next few weeks although hopefully they will all get sold over the Autumn half term (hence the rush). ¬†Now time for a quick tidy up in the studio and then I have to start on the next order, I have got a bigger flock of seagulls to make but first some throws and cushions for a shop in North London.