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In a spin!

I’m back from exhibiting at CRAFT at Olympia which seemed to go fairly well although it wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be. However there has been a flurry of excitement this morning which has left me in a bit of a spin! There are going to be several flocks of seagulls “Oscar’s Friends” flying off to pastures new over the next few weeks plus about 60 (!!) hot water bottle covers! Watch this space for further details, I have to admit it is quite exciting. Also orders for my new throws and matching cushions will be making their way to an interiors shop in North London. There may also be follow ups from other contacts made at the show so it looks like I am going to be rather busy!



“Oscar’s Friends”

“Oscar’s Friends” Candy, Lobster and Lagoon take a last gulp of fresh air before being zipped into the bag ready to travel to London on Saturday where they will be making their debut at CRAFT at Olympia.

Getting ready for a trade show is always stressful and I have been busy folding leaflets, making sample cards and the designing stand for the past week. Nothing ever runs as smoothly as you hope, but fingers crossed it all comes together in the end. I do have some lovely new shelves made by a local furniture designer which I am sure will last longer than the IKEA ones I have been using.

I will let you know how the show went when I get back next week!



New Blog – New Studio!

Welcome to my blog.

So over the bank holiday weekend (of course on the Saturday which was the only hot day) I moved to a new studio. I have moved from the genteel surroundings of Hove to the more lively St James’s Street in Kemptown. My new studio is twice the size with a double glazed window and a ceiling without holes in it. This will hopefully mean I will not be spending everyday from November to March in several layers of thermal clothing! The indoor toilet without a colony of spiders is another bonus! I still have some sorting out to do and a couple of things still to buy but I’m loving my new space and enjoying playing the radio through my cool new speaker without disturbing anyone else.

My latest products have been uploaded to the website. These include “Oscar’s Friends” with their enviously long legs (the supermodels of the Seagull world), “Blocks” cushions made from the same lovely soft wool as the Horizon range, a pouf in Denim yarn and my first throw which weighs a ton and feels fabulous!

Hope you like them.


New Building studio-2 The Studio Cool speaker